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“White Rabbits!” or whatever the phrase is to welcome in a new month! Now into November, I’m starting to realise how quickly time flies as a Stags fan! Only 10 months ago I was sat upstairs writing my first ever blog entry, nervously debating what to write – hoping that everyone would enjoy it. So far so good I hope, and now we move into November – a month full of fun events to write about – employing various puns along the way.

And where better to start than Halloween! Ok some will argue that Halloween takes place on the 31st October, but seeing as Stags played host to Histon on that date, I’m kindly allowing myself to use Halloween related puns and gags.

On Friday evening I was told I would once again be working with Mansfield 103.2 – now extending my run to four games! I was informed by Tim Morriss of the Chad that when it came to Halloween there was a tradition amongst the press that you had to dress-up! I debated heading down to ASDA to pick up a costume, however I chose the faithful suit which some would say is scary enough!

Hot-Air..ways! A hot-air baloon flew dangerously close to the mansfield roof-topsUpon arrival at Field Mill, I found out that the club was running a Halloween-styled fancy dress contest for the kids – a great idea to get a few more families into the club, and they also held a Halloween theme party for them afterwards which again is great! I had help setting  up the broadcasting kit and was enjoying watching the warm-up when I was informed I would be doing my first live lone broadcast – I was to go down to pitch side and report on the aforementioned contest. I hope I did it justice!

If that wasn’t scary enough, Lord Barker of Mansfield arrived about 2.45, apparently he wanted revenge for me bullying him during last week’s encounter! He walked towards me looking tired like he’d been awake all week devising a master plan of evil genius! Luckily for me, he didn’t do a gruff voice saying ‘I’m going to kill you *Evil Laugh*’ – he just smiled and said hello and asked me how I was keeping. For those wondering why he looked so tired, he’d come straight from the Scunthorpe training ground after a busy week in his new job – overseeing the development of the Scunthorpe Under 9s to Under16s.

Back to more important matters. Histon were the visitors at Field Mill and hoped to spoil our recent good form by adding some ‘horror of Histon’ evil to the Field Mill cauldron! And their attempts to throw a rotten apple onto our field of blossom and happiness were working. Last week Stags played a pacer game against Altrincham with Alan Marriott getting the ball on short to either Gary Silk or Paul Heckingbottom. Horrible Histon prevented him from doing so, and reduced our distribution to direct and long – meaning Rob Duffy and Kyle Perry didn’t get the excellent service which last week brought Mansfield goals.

Ryan Williams Saved The Stags From The Jaws Of DefeatDon’t get me wrong, Stags managed to get control of the Histon broomsticks and re-capture the ball, playing some good football through Ollie Hotchkiss, who made his second debut for the Stags since returning on loan from Leeds, in the side for suspended Matt Somner. Evil Histon gave us a fright late in the second half when they broke past our defence system of lucky charms – they were awarded a penalty – which was harsh on Keeper Marriott, who in my opinion got the ball. The evil witches of Histon stabbed the knife right through their voodoo doll of Stags fans, slamming home the penalty with about five minutes left to play.

It’s at time like this that you need to balance out the ‘tricks’ with a ‘treat’. Step up club captain Ryan Williams – scoring what can only be described as a ‘blood-thirsty’ goal. Stags fans will remember that goal for months, rescuing the side in a time of need and making sure the lads didn’t fall victim to the biggest fright of all – llosing a game following all that hard work and effort. Cheers Ryan, thanks to that net buster, you’ve turned into ghost buster – banish the nightmare of defeat away from the Mill for another week or so!

Whilst the later stages of the game were perhaps a little dull, fans were treated to not one but two alternative forms of entertainment. A fireworks display which was a bit naff and badly timed (it was still light) and a hot air balloon flying dangerously close to rooftops before eventually landing (we hope) on a nearby field!

Next up, Stags head to Forest Green Rovers – it’s FA Cup time once more. Can the side go one stage further than last year – or will they fall victim to a bonfire night prank, being the naff sparklers to FGR’s Rockets!

I’ll catch you all next week, with less Halloween puns & maybe a few Bonfire Night ones instead! Until that time, thank-you for reading. Please be careful on bonfire night and I’ll see you all at Forest Green next Saturday, where the stags hope not to get their fingers burnt!


“Mansfield Town FC; Ryan Williams is not afraid of the blood-sucking Histon boys!”


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