Question Time

Another week passes by and Mansfield Town have yet another three points. To add to the delight of winning, we managed to do it away from home – which is a bonus considering just a month ago, Stags were lucky to get a point away from home, suffering the traditional ‘Bad Spell’.







Back With My Friends- The Stags Fans! (Photo; Dan Westwell)

Back With My Friends- The Stags Fans! (Photo; Dan Westwell)


Admittedly I’m struggling once again to write this Blog from a fan’s perspective as the business with Mansfield 103.2 is still ongoing and getting progressively stronger. I mentioned last week that should the radio business become a permanent fixture I would stop writing this blog, I would like to say thank you for all the messages asking me to carry on, it’s nice to know I’m making a difference.


I will be carrying on for now, until the radio business kicks off, but I will be stopping for the simple reason that I no longer fell like a supporter. Be assured that I am 100% a Mansfield Town fan, whenever I bleed, I bleed amber & blue. I just don’t feel like a Stags fan when writing these and doing the radio, because during the game I am not mixed in with you guys. I can’t get a feel of the atmosphere and write with the passion I have done in the past, it all seems a bit ‘journalistic’ and that is not the purpose of the Blog. 



Kyle Perry Shows His Delight After Scoring (Photo; Dan Westwell)

Kyle Perry Shows His Delight After Scoring (Photo; Dan Westwell)


For now I shall continue and what a better place to start than Saturday’s game at Eastbourne. The result, a 2-1 win, and three vital points in keeping up the chase on Oxford and that glorious top spot! Stags started well, scoring after five minutes through Kyle Perry, a nicely worked set piece floated in by skipper Gary Mills and flicked on by the returning vice-skipper, Luke Jones before Perry slammed home from close range. What better place to do so than in-front of the travelling faithful – putting a huge smile on every face; even me who I could see from the press box, jumping around and celebrating with various people! I need to see a doctor about the things I see in my head! Stags had their second on 11 minutes thanks to Rob Duffy. The Stags were now looking comfortable on the attack and it looked like the fans would enjoy a relaxed afternoon unlike last week at Alty! Had Jake Speight’s header his the back of the net instead of the crossbar about five minutes later, I think Stags might have won with ease. They didn’t and Eastbourne took some inspiration from their let-off and constantly piled on the pressure. They scored in the second half with a freak goal, and could have equalised in the later stages, keeper Alan Marriott playing the ‘Superhero’ role, making a string of saves. The final whistle went and Stags had the points in the bag. 



Luke Jones Gets Fixed Once Again! (Photo; Dan Westwell)

Luke Jones Gets Fixed Once Again! (Photo; Dan Westwell)

Yet another comfortable start from Stags, meant the game was safe (eventually) but a flurry of injury scares kept the Stags’ bench busy! Paul Heckingbottom and Kyle Perry fell victim to the hard pitch, whilst returning defender Luke Jones again had eye trouble, taking a knock which eventually lead to bleeding. When ‘Jonah’ gets through a game without having eye trouble, perhaps we should present him with a trophy! Perhaps the blog could sponsor it or something! “And it gives me great pleasure to present the ‘Eye not bleeding for 90 minutes’ Trophy to Luke Jones”! Sorry folks comic mode as I get lost in the moment. 


 Talking of trophies and cups, next Saturday sees us compete in the FA Cup 4th qualifier, taking on Alty once again. After last week’s fiery encounter, there is much hype in both camps about the game, will we see another fireworks display so close to bonfire night!? I’m not bothered if we scrape through by the odd goal, as long as we find ourselves definitely in the 1st Round proper.

Should we fail with our promotion aims, we will need a good cup run to help us financially next season. Hopefully we will avoid a replay, and secure a tie with one of our old League2 ‘Friends’! Only time will tell.

That’s just about it this week, again I’d like to thank you for all your comments and messages of support. I’m really grateful, should the radio thing kick-off I hope many of you keep in contact with me and wish whoever gets the opportunity to take over the production of this blog, the best of luck. I did toy with the idea of carrying on but as a great friend of mine said to me on Saturday evening, “if something doesn’t feel right, then it’s time to try something different.” I had to agree and also chuckle at the fact our leader David Holdsworth must have came across that expression, clearly feeling something was not right away from home, therefore trying something different which has so far paid off – long may it continue.

Thanks for reading, I shall see you next week, bringing you an update of what’s happening with regards to the blog and, of course, my supporters view on everything Mansfield Town.


Mansfield Town FC; Forever & always – your team”


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