The Good Ship Mansfield

First of all, sorry for the delay of last weeks blog; “Blank Paper; Fully Working Pen!” the guys at the Chad offices were rushed off their feet and didn’t get chance to make it live, so if you missed it – this week’s blog might not make as much sense so check it out first.

Unhappy Stags Fans, Me Included, At Kidderminster Last Tuesday; (Photo By Dan Westwell)

Unhappy Stags Fans, Me Included, At Kidderminster Last Tuesday; (Photo By Dan Westwell)

Right, back to business! At the start of the season us Stags fans were all happy and enthusiastic about a season of positive football, enjoying the good times week by week, game by game. Following a week with two negative results (Kidderminster 3-1 & Stevenage 3-2), the heads have dropped, some fans have jumped from the positive luxury of the QE2 to the enjoyable but ill-fated Titanic! My point is that some fans still remain confident of bouncing out of this mini blip and returning to a positive season, whereas others aren’t as confident, having witnessed how Stags have previously failed to gain positive from negative.

We have one key advantage this time around, the good ship Mansfield has a brave leader, David Holdsworth. The good ship Mansfield also has an excellent crew surrounding the leader, coach Gareth Holmes, club captain Ryan Williams, team captain Gary Mills and his assistant Luke Jones – all of whom will be hurt and frustrated by our mini blip. They will pull together, work as a unit to get the good ship Mansfield back on the smooth seas – in fact I’m sure the good ship Mansfield’s extended crew (the rest of the players and everyone at Field Mill) will want to play their part in removing any potential danger that could lie ahead.

I’m not one to dwell on past results, I prefer to take football like life – day by day, game by game. There’s nothing you can do about the past, except try harder next time and move on. The two defeats couldn’t be more different – the loss at Kidderminster (which spelt the end for Billy McEwan last year) was like a rerun of Luton. There are no excuses, as the gaffer and Gareth Holmes said following the defeat.

Everyone had picked their heads off the floor when Saturday & Stevenage arrived, the Stags were out of the starting blocks quicker than Usain Bolt. One goal to the good inside the first two-minutes! Kyle Perry the hero, lightning struck twice as Perry put Stags two goals ahead – we all know he could have had at least two more, it’s just a shame he turned from hero from villain, getting sent off in the later stages of the first half. Whether it was a sending off or not is controversial and I imagine will remain so for sometime. We must move on, and not dwell on what would have happened if Perry stayed on the pitch. It happened, we lost- deal with it.

Perry Sees Red Vs Stevenage (Photo By Dan Westwell)

Perry Sees Red Vs Stevenage (Photo By Dan Westwell)

With the Stevenage loss, we suffered our first home league defeat under David Holdsworth. You could tell from the post match video that he was hurting – with that home record we had pride at Field Mill. We now have a lot of work to do to regain that pride – and who better to start against than the league leaders and our promotion rivals, Oxford United. A win against them would not only mean Stags have begun to refuel the ship’s engine, but it would also mean the points gap has been reduced – and the chase has begun once again.

So I ask you Stags fans who might be heading towards the Titanic’s limited life boats (we’ve all seen the film & no doubt know how the film ends), I ask you to stay on board, get behind the crew and help the good ship Mansfield. We will turn the fortunes around and avoid hitting that iceberg! Rushden & Diamonds next up away from home, I’ll hopefully see you there! The Stags need to know you’re there – it’s not over, the thrill of the chase is only just beginning! Lets sail into that glorious sunset!

Thanks for reading, again sorry for the delay on last week’s blog.


“Mansfield Town FC; Avoiding that iceberg!”


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