Blank paper, fully working pen!


”]Stags Attack Grays' Goal Once More [Photo By Me!](This blog should have been published last week, apologies to all – especially Craig – for the delay).


Before you loyal readers pick up your phones and dial the local mental home, thinking I’ve got potty with my title, I must explain the weird choice.


It’s now Sunday evening. I’ve been sat here virtually all day (besides a trip to Asda) trying to make sense of the scribblings I made on the way home from Grays. But I couldn’t, as I just seemed to drift off into stupid subjects. So then I decided to create something from scratch – and I managed to write about a paragraph before I was kidnapped and escorted to Asda. When I returned home even that paragraph didn’t make any sense! That was 11am this morning.

I was just about to throw in the towel for the day when I looked up and saw one of the many sayings / inspirational stories plastered across my wall. It read: “This is a blank piece of paper, you have the pen, you have the mind, you create the story. If you’re stuck just walk away, close you eyes and return and then read below.” Below are five lines, on the centre line are the words ‘Now write the story’. With this an idea popped into my head, as did the above title. And here we are now!

Whilst trying to come up with an idea for the blog, I stumbled across Facebook comments, messageboard posts etc, but none of them seemed clear enough. It’s a mixed balance between satisfied and frustrated, some fans are pleased with the point from Grays, others are frustrated. I sit on the fence, undecided – hence the blank page reference. No one can seem to decide which side they are on, so they leave it blank.

 The game at Grays was very much a blank page. Someone had attempted to create a story: Jake Speight put Stags a goal ahead before some weak defending gave Grays a way back into the game. At half time, while painfully eating a melting Mars Bar (will explain later!) I said to my mate that the game needed some flair. It eventually got this in the second half, when Ryan Williams and new signing Blair Sturrock came on. Stags had plenty of chances to grab a winner, but their debutant keeper made a string of fine saves to earn Grays a share of the points.

 A win for Oxford kept them in top spot, with us still second but 3 points behind- a bigger gap to close down. This is perhaps what people have the niggling doubts about, and the fact we need to be killing the game off, instead of letting it slip. Someday I know it’ll turn out for us, but remember when I was talking about the different types of winners last week – we’re at the hard work stage, so relax, be happy with the point, get behind us and enjoy the thrill of the chase!



”]Stags Warm Up V Grays [Photo By Me]The chase starts on Tuesday at Kidderminster. Three points up for grabs- so let’s grab them!


Coming up this month we have trips to Kidderminster, Rushden & Barrow, as well as home ties to Stevenage, Oxford & Hayes & Reading. All games are winnable, so if we just take each one as it comes and close down the gap then hopefully we can be top by the end of it all. The hard work takes place this month, so now the hype of the opening few games has passed us, we need to stay a strong fan base- giving the lads the 12th man buzz they are looking for. It’s going to be a hard month, but as someone once said to me, “Forget the hard work – think of the rewards, that way it’s not about hard work, it’s about achievement”

This will all start with the trip to Kidderminster on Tuesday. A trip which will give “Super-Nige” more chances to call me “Mr Bump” after I injured myself on Monday, hence why it was hard to eat the Mars Bar! He kept trying so hard to make me laugh, only because it would cause me discomfort. He’s no longer Mr Hero, he can be Mr Mean! I observed so many of the classic Mr Men creations on Saturday, none of them would make sense or have clean enough explanations to put them in here!

So from out of nowhere, just like I said at the top of the piece, I have created a story of some sort! Something to keep you talking and hopefully keep your heads on the “satisfied” train rather than the “Disappointed” mini-bus! Thanks for reading as ever.

I would like to extend a thank-you to Team captain, Gary Mills, who took time last week to read and comment on my work – all about the “Confessions of a Stagaholic” it made my day and made the whole outlook on MTFC look like a much closer unit, so thanks Gary and welcome back to match action.

See you all at Kidderminster (Tuesday), then back at Field Mill on Saturday for the visit of Stevenage!

 Keep reading and remember; “you create the story”



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