Confessions of a Stagaholic!


Bad Memories Of The Deva Stadium Now Banished! (Photo By Craig Priest)

Bad Memories Of The Deva Stadium Now Banished! (Photo By Craig Priest)

(This blog was written before Monday’s Kettering game)

6am Saturday morning. The alarm goes off – it’s football day. All my usual pre-match preparation runs like boring clockwork – until I get to the part where I pack my bag. My trusty little green book is now full, so has been replaced. Goodbye, old friend!

Arriving at the ground, the usual feelings are in the air, the normal chit chat is under way. During a random conversation with my brother and my cousin, I hear a little scream and look around: wasp invasion. The wasps seemed to love Bekii’s new green hoodie & green shoes, landing many times – without stinging – before flying and landing somewhere else.

 At times like these you need a hero – not me though, I cant stand the things. Step forward “Wasp Man” AKA Stacey’s uncle Nigel, who showed no fear and slapped the wasp full on – killing it dead. Most times the wasp sensed the movement of his hand and dodged out of the way – only to find a massive size 12 boot bearing down on it leaving it with no chance of survival! To laughter and scattered applause, Nigel brought the first real moment of the day. But have you ever heard the phrase ‘Kill a wasp and a swarm arrives?’. Well, about 30 seconds later it came true. But this was no trouble for Wasp Man, who displayed heroic qualities in disposing of at least five of the beggars. A hero has risen: “Super-Nige AKA Wasp Man” is born.

The bus soon arrived – the blasted double decker and a mini bus for overspill. Everyone found a seat and we were on our way to Chester, a match worth more than three points, as I explained in last weeks blog. The day had arrived, my headphones were in and it was next stop Chester, besides a little stop for a driver change. Everyone tried to come up with ‘dodgy names’ for our replacement driver, with me doing my posh accent: “Good morning ladies and gentleman, my name’s Cyril and I am your driver today. We will be travelling at a steady 10MPH during our trip, please put on your seat belt.” It got some laughter, but I was too interested in sending Facebook messages to continue!


Gary Silk & Louis Briscoe Get stags Moving At Chester. (Photo By Craig Priest)

Gary Silk & Louis Briscoe Get stags Moving At Chester. (Photo By Craig Priest)

The game was a case of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ as Rob Duffy scored Mansfield’s only goal after 90 seconds, sending the fantastic support into raptures. Jake Speight made his first start, replacing Ryan Williams. Chester struck the post minutes after we scored, but I am not one for match reporting and I’ll let you make your own judgment on proceedings by reading the excellent stuff provided on Stagsnet, the official site and of course the Chad. The referee blew the whistle and the painful memories of relegation instantly halved (the other 50% needs to be exorcised at Field Mill). I said to myself while leaving the ground: “Mansfield Town are back – better than ever, and Chester City you can harm us no more!”

 The way home presented me with another moment of routine laugher, the infamous Birdy (Martin Bird) declared he would stop drinking before games, to become a better person. Now of course I don’t blame him, I just have to give it a mention because he said, and I quote, “Craig, if you write about it in your Blog, I will stop drinking because I’ll have the words to prove it.” Birdy claims this alone will stop him drinking. Time will tell. 

Home time, and as the SSA Coach pulled into Field Mill there were a few chuckles as we saw chairman Andy Perry on his phone, trying to get someone to unlock the car park gates so he could get home. Fear not Mr Perry, the SSA to the rescue!

Three more points, another good performance, I am so glad that there’s football again tomorrow (Monday)- a home game to Kettering. We can keep up the chase on Oxford, and of course that glorious top spot. 

All that’s left to say is thank you for reading. A big thanks goes to Bekii for the late night MSN creation of “Super-Nige!” If ever there’s a wasp near you at Field Mill, from out of nowhere “Super-Nige” will appear and dispose of the wasp – even though he is apparently scared of them!  

Until next time, Have a good week and don’t live in fear of wasps!


 “Mansfield Town FC; The home of green shoes, a local hero called Wasp Man and fantastic banter and football.”  


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3 Responses to “Confessions of a Stagaholic!”

  1. G Mills Says:

    Touched my heart mate, it’s nice to know you get that excited over the match! even we as players dont get that excited haha

    nice one craig!

  2. craigpriest14 Says:

    LOL Cheers mate- Theres some games that i dont get a “buzz” but the away games get me more because of all the laughs we get!
    Espically with the wasp thing- stuff of legend!

    Thanks for reading- great to know people from the club are reading- hope to see you back in the squad soon.

    All the best

  3. G Mills Says:

    No worries mate, and yes me too its been a hard few weeks to be honest!, but we need the fans support and remember you can be the 12th man.


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