On Your Marks…

…get set, go!

We’re so close to pre-season, I can feel it.  It’s so close I can almost touch it.  I can’t wait to fall asleep because I know when I wake up, pre-season is that little bit closer.

I think it’s clear what every Stags fan wants: success, promotion, a year to remember for all the right reasons.  Over 2,500 season ticket holders give me the impression that people can feel success and want to be a part of it.

Pre-season will give us a chance to see what David Holdsworth’s squad can do.  I wonder if we will still have our unbeaten 2009 home record by the time Crawley visit?  One thing’s for sure, in my view at least – names and league rank count for nothing come match day.  David Holdsworth puts teams out to win, otherwise what would be the point of playing?

I am sure 100m Runners at the start of their race do not say to themselves: “I want to finish this race in second place.”  That would be pointless.  It’s like the BSP, there can only be one winner.  There is only one team guaranteed a place in League Two come the end of the season, the team who finishes in second place has to fight it out with three other teams.

This is the point when you have to set your targets and ask yourself what it is you really want.  Do you want a season riding high, but not being quite good enough?  Then, towards the end of the season, all the hard work falls apart? Or do you want to finish in top spot, with a guaranteed reward – promotion – and being the best?

I’m guessing that by this point 99.9% of people have taken the second choice!  Last season, albeit briefly, we did occupy top spot – but eventually we lost it and we all know what happened!

How does that 100m Runner win? By getting out of the blocks first and using all the power he possesses – he gets out in front of all the other runners, pictures the finishing line and everything that’s in front of him, and most importantly he never looks back.

This is exactly what we must do, as soon as the referee blows his whistle, at 3pm on Saturday 8th August 2009.  We get ourselves out of the starting blocks, snatch three points from Crawley and never look back – and we do the same in every game we play.

The BSP, in a way, is like winning the FA Cup..Only one team can do it.  By defeating everyone that challenges them.  Can Mansfield Town do it? Under David Holdsworth – yes, yes they can!

Why did I make these comparisons? Because everything depends on how you look at it.

Burton gained promotion last year by eventually putting distance between themselves and the challenging teams – Burton were the best, their hard work paid off.

Cambridge finished second and are still in the BSP – why? Because they were second-best and were lucky at times.  But luck doesn’t last forever.  After all their hard work and effort, disappointment was the end result.

Personally I’ve seen enough disappointment regarding Mansfield Town. Next season will be a season to remember hopefully! We shall be Number One! We shall be the champions! We shall return to the Football League, our rightful home, bigger and better. We might even win the FA Trophy – David Holdsworth did say at “Fixture Night”: “There is no point entering a competition if you do not wish to win it!”

Can’t you see I am excited about football coming back?  Pre-season starts on Saturday, yes!! Relief!

Let’s sit (or stand at most BSP grounds) back and watch the good times unfold!

All aboard the amber and blue wagon- YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAA!”

Craig (Rainworthstag14)

Mansfield Town FC; Making History”


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