The Desperate Desires!

The Headmaster & His Trusted Coaches. (Photo By Craig Priest)

The headmaster and his trusted coaches. (Photo by Craig Priest)

I must admit I am jealous right now, it’s the time of the year players & coaches/managers love. On Monday morning everyone will report to Field Mill for the first day back. New signings Tim Sandercombe, Gary Mills, Luke Jones, Paul Heckingbottom, Craig Armstrong, Steven Isted, Luke Graham, Jake Speight & Kyle Perry will be eager to impress there new team mates and of course their new head master, Mr Holdsworth. Not one of the players will know to expect in the first training session, one things for sure – nothing will be easy!

By now you’re wondering why I am jealous – perhaps jumping to the conclusion I would like to join the footballers, after all isn’t every young boy’s dream is to train with and play for their boyhood club with their heroes? Not mine!

I’m jealous of David Holdsworth & his coaches. This is the time of year they sit around devising the training sessions, going over the stats from last season and answering the question “How can these improve?” This is the time of year when the unknown heroes get to work – the hard work and commitment starts here. The thrill and excitement of a coach’s job begins to form, the graphs and flow charts begin to take shape. Some of these graphs, flow charts, sideshows etc., probably mean nothing to you, but they do to me. They are a statement of “w’here you were” and “where you need to be.” On the first morning the coaches will split off into different groups, working on their specialist areas. The training sessions begin, the hard work from the players begins, the laughter, the banter, the sweat, the racing heart rate, the aching muscles, the tiredness – all necessary and all 100% worth it.

Right now I can see my “Coach’s Tracksuit” hanging up, my football boots and coaching equipment in my bag, even my old clipboard with coaching session after coaching session all neatly printed out! I miss it, I have a hunger for it and would kill to be in David Holdsworth’s trusted coaching team. I remember what went flooding through my head on the open training session, all the methods I reconsigned at once, along with certain things that didn’t appear right (in my opinion). I wanted to put them right, I wanted to be part of the real laughter and group ethic that was out on the pitch, and for once, I didn’t want to be sat with my friends laughing and joking. I was lost.

It’s a good job I don’t know where the lads train, because I’d be there every second of every day, like some crazy stalker! If anyone does know where the lads train, please do not tell me, for the safety of your football team! Not because I am a bad coach, I’m far from that (apparently), but because every time the players see me they lose their concentration!

Where I Want To Be, Putting The Players Through There Paces (Insted Im Taking The Picture)

Where I want to be - putting the players through their paces (but instead I'm taking the picture).

The only thing that keeps me sane is the knowledge that we start to play football again soon. I will go back to being the supporter who sits back, the coach will stay at home, ticked away with the rest of my coaching equipment!

Two weeks and six days (from the time of writing) until the Stags re-appear ready and raring to go. I’m counting the days: Two weeks & six days until I am sane again!

But for now, I will fly away to where I want to be, in my dreams, coaching the lads, doing all the little things that go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Wake me up when the football returns.

Remember that come May 2010, when we are back in the Football League, we should thank the coaches. Their efforts go unnoticed, but they are the real heroes. You can argue that it’s the players that pull the hard work in on a match day, but who keeps them fit, who keeps giving them targets, who gives them the inspiration? Who is watching over there every move? David Holdsworth & his trusted coaches – the team I would love to be part of. One day, the dreams will become a reality! Until that day, I will keep on writing, and hopefully you will keep on reading 🙂 Thank you.

 Craig (Rainworthstag14)


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