King Of The Road

One Flew Down The Child Tire!!

One Flew Down The Child Tyre!!

Funny things happen to you when you have nothing to do. I was making a cup of tea when something came into my head about Stags, and seeing as I haven’t written anything for a while, I thought I’d share it with you..

I miss Saturdays – especially the Saturdays when we are away from home. The early mornings and long distances are not a problem for me, they are the highlight of my week. I always go to bed early on the Friday night, safe in the knowledge that “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” has been recorded via Sky Plus. My problem is that I can never get to sleep –  I’m to eager to wake up and enjoy the day. I set my alarm on my phone and check it over and over again, until I eventually fall asleep and dream about the day ahead, picturing victory and celebration. I wake up, normally about 5 minutes before my alarm goes off! I go through my silly little “Pre-match routine” which consists of tea, a check of the Internet such as Facebook, shower, one last cup of tea whilst getting together my camera, mp3 player, spare batteries, jumper and as of last season, an empty jotter, pencil case and book.  It”s fair to say the tea never gets drunk!

Depending on the departure time with the SSA, I make arrangements with others regarding meeting – some games it’s in Wetherspoons for breakfast, and the really long ones it’s a taxi to Field Mill, where I am one of the first three people to arrive. I always have been and always will be – God knows why!! People begin to arrive and gather in the Field Mill car park awaiting the bus. As the bus arrives there always seems to be a mad rush! I get on the bus after all the “rushers and seat savers” (The latter I’m glad of, so thank you), I pay my money and usally have a bit of banter with Dean or whoever takes the money – and ever since January the things I get are usually “£50 for bloggers” or “is your book ready? We can raffle it off.” The answer to the latter is it will be one day! I take my seat, usually next to my brother – who always sits next to the window. In goes the mp3 player and as the bus is about to leave I always put on the track “Everything” by Michael Buble. It’s my “lucky charm” . . . when I get the timing right it does work.

I often leave my mp3 in and start reading or writing depending on what mood I’m in. On some occasions I don’t play my music, I join in the conversations and sometimes silly contests which usually involve very sour sweets and how many you can get in your mouth!! So funny – apparently my face goes bright red and sometimes I feel tears coming from my eyes. Tears of laughter! Good times. If it’s a really long trip we stop at the services for 10 minutes – always good to get some banter going with other travelling supporters.

By the time we arrive in the town/ village where we’re playing, most people are up getting their coats ready to make the dash to the pub. I always put my Stags shirt on (I never travel weaing it, not after Rochdale), turn off my mp3 player and put my camera in my coat pocket –  that’s me ready. We pull up outside the ground and everyone gets off the bus and makes their way to the pub – the place where the funniest things have happened.

For me the pub is not a big attraction, especially after Rochdale three years ago. I’d much rather just go into the ground and watch the warm up. 9 times out of 10 I end up in the pub. I will never ever forget Northwich and the infamous tyre zip wire! (Videos of people attempting this are on YouTube) I remember someone saying “I’ll go on it if you do” and I was “no I’m a bit too old to go on kids’ things!” But the persistance kept going and I eventually went on, a little bit weary of how low I would be to the ground! Zzzzzzooooooommmmm I was down and as soon as I got off the tyre I said “I want to go again!” Legendary stuff.

Match Action From Woking, Photo By Craig Priest

Match Action From Woking, Photo By Craig Priest

Anouther one that sticks in my mind was on the last away game at Woking. “Birdy” was bossing the pool table and to be honest I was bored so I played him at “winner stays on”. It was a tight game and when it neared the end it had grabbed most peoples’ attention. Birdy was feeling the pressure on a black ball game, but I had written off my chances and started to walk for a drink. I heard an “ooooooohhhhh” and when I looked around, he’d missed it! All I had to do was pot it and snatch a victory . . . I composed myself, looked around the room and struck. There was a moment of antipation as the cue ball struck the black . . . I’d won! Martin “king of the pool table” Bird was down and out! Happy in victory, I lost my next game to younger Birdy and entered the ground with Mike. Good times.

After the pub comes the game and despite the result, if the pub has thrown up such fun, the result doesn’t seem to matter as much. For example, Northwich away will not be remembered for defeat, it will be remembered for several people becoming big kids again! If we win a game there is some celebratory singing on the bus for half an hour or so, then I slip back into my music and book, taking with me memories of a good day.

It is thanks to these trips that I have made so many great friends, and now the season is over I do miss the away trips more than home games. Hopefully the SSA will run a bus to Newport in pre-season – if they do I’m sure it will be a great day as normal.

Until the time comes for us to be “kings of the road” once again, I say thankyou for reading –  and see you very soon.

Craig (Rainworthstag14)

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  1. chris priest Says:

    aaaahhhhhhh such memories, nice 1

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