The Final Straight.

People of  Mansfield, if you have not already signed up for the fantastic season ticket deal, please quickly re-consider and sign up now.

Mansfield Town fans have had no reason to smile, ever since that terrible day in Cardiff in 2004. I’m sure you were there. But next season could be the one that finishes with mass celebration, as we return to the promised land of the Football League.

Remember the days when everyone was there?
The times of glory and the times of trouble, remember everyone packing the Civic Centre for the protest walk? Remember how many people wanted to pledge money to get Haslam out?
Remember when we could pack the ground, week in week out?
Remember the pride and passion we showed against Northampton in the second leg, to come back 3-2 down to win on penalties? Remember when we had nerves.
Remember queueing up for tickets, to see your beloved team play at a big ground, to play for promotion. Remember when we got robbed, remember the tears?
Remember the struggle with Carlton Palmer? Remember the cup run, the day out in Newcastle, the chance to play at a Premiership ground, the chance to see Alan Shearer try and make history, which he did. Remember the hopes, remember the dreams.
Remember when Middlesbrough came to visit? You were there.
Remember all the glory days, you were there.
Remember the troubled times? You were there in some way, protest marches, protest meetings, fund-raising…… you were there.
Remember getting relegated, remember the tears and the long, cold shudder down your spine, you felt that. You were part of it.
Remember the last ever league game away at Dagenham, the loss, the rejection, the black costumes, yes you were there.
Remember the summer, smartening up our club from the wreck it was left in, you were there.
Remember our first few games in the BSP? You were there – 2,000 and more, watching non-league football, you were there.
Remember that dreadful bout of weather we had, remember pulling together with the wheelbarrows and spades? Clearing the snow, from your feet below, just to see a game, you were there.
Remember the years, the tears, the smiles and all the miles you travelled – but no matter what, you were there!
Some slipped away, perhaps you weren’t around any more, perhaps the lure of big league football had taken hold, perhaps you started to spend Saturdays in the pub, or at home watching the telly. Let me tell you, you’re not needed there, you’re needed elsewhere
One more season out of the promised land, one more season in the previously unknown. Come on, stick with us, just £195 and you have a season ticket. Bring the wife, bring the kids. Be there.
Remember the club on Quarry Lane, the one you once loved and now perhaps have forgotten about, it’s still standing there proud as ever.
Remember, come and visit any time, for just £195.
Be a part of something good, be there.
Mansfield Town Football Club needs you now, act fast, help get the big 3,000 and get us back to the big league.
All those times when you were there, Wembley, Cardiff, Newcastle – the list just goes on. You were there, proud, decked out in amber and blue.
There are ten days left, the dealine is fast approching. Your club needs you, decked out in the amber and blue.

One Team, One Heartbeat and just One Rule; Bravery is the key to success. Be brave, take a gamble on Mansfield Town. Be there, come back to Field Mill, welcome back the glory days.

Come on! 🙂 Let’s get everything from nothing.
Battle Cry


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