And So It Begins…

That perhaps seems a strange title to use, seing as it’s near the end of the season! But what I meant by “And so it begins” is the summertime, the season finale, the final run-in. Only a year ago our fate was hanging by a thread – relegation from the Football League. We were all dreaming of a “Great Escape” but unfortunately as we all know, it ended with tears in the rain. This time around we are safe from relegation and could grab the last play-off spot if we gain maximum points from our remaining games, but let’s face it, that’s a big ask.

What we are no faced with is what I like to call “assessment month”, which is basically a “show us what you can do” call to the players from the manager. It’s also a time for us fans to see what’s on offer for next season, one which I am sure you’ll agree should be named “Reaching the blue skies of the blue square; Mansfield Town’s escape,” or something along those lines! We all want to be back in the promised land of the Football League, so let’s make next season one to go down in the history books – for all the right reasons. As for the remainder of this season, let’s go and see what’s on offer in the shop window, down at Field Mill and away at Histon, Wrexham, Northwhich and Woking.

Season ticket prices are set for next year and will be announced on Wednesday, which will leave seven games for you to enjoy and hopefully snap up the offers available for next season’s “Climb up the ladder”. Take this opportunity, enjoy the remainder of this weird season and stay put for next year.

Back in January when I started this blog, I was asking for mottos and someone left one on Stagsnet: “Coming Together Is The Beginning, Keeping Together Is Progress, Working Together Is Success.” I think we’re halfway there – next season should see us working together to gain success, the players can do their part, we just need to do ours, show bumper crowds, show great support and take every step together. Next year is our year.

And so as the ice cream vans start to roll and the chimes begin to play, Mansfield Town are looking to end on a high and keep us smiling through the rain, through the wind, through the rubbish referees and deliver something magical: promotion back to the football league, proud as ever.

Come on!

Craig (Rainworthstag14)
“Mansfield Town FC; its not the end, its just the beginning.”

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