Just when we needed you most

Boss David Holdsworth watches striker Rob Duffy in action. Picture by Craig Priest.

Boss David Holdsworth watches striker Rob Duffy in action. Picture by Craig Priest.

Football is a funny old game, even at our level. One goal here or there can make the world of difference, but unfortunately in the case of Mansfield Town we never seem to be the ones benefiting. This was certainly the case at Grays. We didn’t look like scoring until Daryl Clare entered the field of play, and with one goal under his belt in the reserves he wanted to start his first team career off with a bang. Well, it turned out to be more of a tap than a bang, scoring from one yard out. With the whole goal at his mercy the outcome was obvious – 1-0 Stags.

But just when things seem to be going our way Grays grab hold of some hope and make it 1-1, and just like with Cambridge the game looked to be heading for a draw. But once again lady luck refused to smile on the Stags, who conceded again in the last minute. 2-1 Grays. Back home with nothing.

Stags can never seem to get the balance right: win at home, lose or grab a draw away or visa-versa. I’m not happy with that – I want to win wherever we are, so does David Holdsworth and so does every other Stags fan. If we want to challenge for promotion we must be winning games and taking all three points. We have to be scoring goals, not thinking “one goal, three points, easy.” Football doesn’t always work that way. We need to bounce back and let loose, do something that will make teams fear the name Mansfield Town. We seem to be half way there with our home form, but half way is not enough.

Every game we go into we must seize the moment, take every chance we are given, create more chances and put games to bed before fitness levels and so in set in. We need to be calm under pressure, just like Grays and Cambridge – if we fall behind we come back stronger and show we are not a team of chance or luck but a team of great desire with the ability to fight and win.

Our next home game is against Torquay on Saturday, a team who will not roll over and be beaten easily. We will have to earn those points, and this is where Mansfield needs you. Come down to “Fortress” Field Mill, enjoy the great weather (hopefully) and create an atmosphere that will urge the players onto victory before David Holdsworth even offers a reward! If you do so I am sure the players will appreciate the effort and reward you with three points.

Play-off’s are still mathematically possibly. I haven’t written them off just yet – with 27 points left to play for all we need is one big push. It’s like the darts player who needs double top for a win, under all the lights and in a room full of loud support, the tense atmosphere showing through the sweat dripping down his face and onto the dart, increasing the pressure, he breathes in and throws the dart at the target, does it hit? Will the Mansfield Town dart find the target or hit the wire and miss completely? Time will tell but this, ladies and gents, is when we need your support, the final run in, that one big push: come and join us, come and try to help Stags achieve something not many teams do – bouncing back at the first attempt.

Thanks for reading yet again and thanks for all the comments, please keep them coming!
Craig (Rainworthstag14)
“Mansfield Town FC; Spinning in the air”


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