“View Every Little Setback… As A Chance To Try Again”

Our run is now over, a 1-0 defeat to Oxford United saw our unbeaten run come to an end and also saw the first loss under new boss David Holdsworth. Is there any need to worry? I don’t think so. We were unbeaten not because our results were top quality but because we had a good spirit surrounding our dressing room. I believe it will be this spirit and belief that will get us back on track next week at Rushden.

Ever since Holdsworth took the reigns, everybody involved with the club has had a new vibe about them, the negativity has melted with the snow and I just hope it doesn’t re-appear now we have had one little setback. Hopefully we can just brush the Oxford result aside and go to Rushden positive and come away with a victory. After the Oxford game it took about 10 minutes for that losing feeling to sink in, but everyone on the SSA bus remained in good spirits, singing songs, enjoying the banter and looking forward to another away day. As for the performance it wasn’t the best but I am convinced we will fight back stronger.

Someone once said to me something which stuck in my mind, and hopefully if us fans are feeling a bit downhearted, this should pep us up for the trip next week:
“When your efforts come to nothing, don’t believe it’s all in vain – view every little setback as a chance to try again. Forget all thought of failure, that’s a word you’ll never need, take comfort from the knowledge that you’re certain to succeed.”

The main topic of discussion on the way home, seemed to be what the turnout would be like for the ‘Meet the Manager’ evening tonight (Monday). I am hoping it will be a good one where the questions will give us an insight into David’s ambitions and where he wants to take us as a club.

Are we going to bounce back? I hope so and I hope we’re all there to see it – let’s just hope we dont receive a 9-0 thrashing at Rushden like poor Weymouth who seem now to be dead and buried. The future’s bright, the future’s Mansfield.

Thanks for all the comments; keep reading.
Craig (Rainworthstag14)

“Mansfield Town FC: certain to succeed!”


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