Football is the greatest love story

With Saturday’s game at Cambridge postponed the night before the game, all Stags fans were left with a problem – what to do with the blank Saturday. As it was Valentine’s day, most were set for a day with the ‘significant other’. Some may have decided to go and watch another game and check out upcoming opponents, and some might have just done nothing, or taken the extra day at work. With my free day, I decided to think about the past year as a Stags fan.

Last February we had just the League to concentrate on – we needed to get sorted and keep our status as a Football League club, though we all know the fairytale ending we dreamed of ended in heartbreak. Billy Dearden maybe hung onto his pride to long, but he is still in football so good luck to him. His replacement was Mansfield favourite Paul Holland, who many wanted to be in charge for our first campaign in the Blue Square Premier. The players did gain a new lease of life under Paul, and got some good results at Bradford and Wycombe. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough – another manager’s dreams crushed. When Paul announced he was writing his auto-biography I was looking forward to reading about his experience as our manager and how stepping out from the shadows into the limelight affected his career and life. Unfortunately so far no book has been released, which is a shame. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to read it – if he couldn’t write it himself I know where there is a good ghost writer (get in touch if you’re reading, Paul!)…

Summertime came and a new era was born. He Who Should Not Be Named finally left the club, to be replaced by the ‘three musketeers’. With no players, the board brought in Billy McEwan and he quickly assembled a squad, to ensure we didn’t turn into the next Boston United, suffering back to back relegations without kicking a ball! As we all know, the McEwan era didn’t really work and by December he was gone, leaving us more worried than ever about our future.

Mark Stallard and Adie Moses took temporary charge, eager to prove a point, and now we have David Holdsworth in charge. Here is another manager who is keen to impress and eager to succeed, and with a run of five unbeaten games he is certainly starting tongues wagging – there’s even talk of the play-offs! If you ask me, we are certainly good enough to get there.

Looking at the above, and thinking about the effects, it seems like a fairytale: Mansfield Town is the princess and, who knows, Holdsworth might even be the prince. One thing is for sure – with Holdsworth’s ambition and desire were are set for a happy ending.

I must thank you all for the comments on Stagsnet and other sites during the week, long may it continue. Further thanks goes to close friends who suggested I write about the changes that have taken place in the last year, you know who you are, thank you. My ending last week was “one team, one heartbeat, one rule: bravery is the key to success.” I would like to know if you think this would make a good club motto, especially with the recent talk about the atmosphere against York.

Football, you know you love it 🙂

Thanks for reading, lets keep this fairytale alive.

Craig (Rainworthstag14).

“Mansfield Town FC; And they all lived……”


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One Response to “Football is the greatest love story”

  1. scot Says:

    another great blog m8 keep them coming

    mansfield town fc and they all lived in a football league world

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