And It Leaves Me Breathless

Another long away trip, yet another early morning. Same old faces, new memory.

Travelling the various roads for away trips provides you with some breathtaking sights. I remember once driving past miles of empty fields until we passed one with a tree planted smack bang in the middle, its leaves brown and crumbling, green grass below and the sun slowly melting the snow that lay on top. A beautiful sight, it took my breath away in the middle of an unsuccessful March. I was sat listening to my music, thinking about all these away trips and it suddenly hit me: the tree sums up life as a Stags fan.

We watch as other teams become the sun and melt away the snow, stealing away our dreams of a play-off or good cup run. We sit back and observe other teams becoming the wind and tearing away our leaves, ripping our back four to shreds. We watch as each branch falls away and we become nothing, by the end of the season just a shell left still standing . . . just.

As I opened my eyes I saw someone who means the world to me and I regained the warm feeling inside me that told me I belonged here. I smiled – it’s not all bad being a Stag, we have some great memories and some great people as our friends. I looked out of the window and saw another tree, not alone, not ripped apart but full of colour and life, surrounded by warmth and happiness.

5pm came and we had won again –– unbeaten so far in 2009. Three wins and one draw, Mansfield Town are no longer falling away, we are full of colour and emotion, surrounded by new people and ready to create new memories. The football wasn’t great but the end result is still there –– I still feel good and we still won!

No team can take away our dreams, they’re ours. We are half the world away from success but we’re on the ladder and we know what to do when it matters. We sit back, enjoy the company of those around us, take the result no matter how scrappy and head home with a smile on our faces. Unbeatable and unbelievable last month, by the end of February I want to add “breathtaking” to that list!

We are the spirit and we going to be the star that shines brightly at the end of the season. Enjoy it, I am!

Craig (Rainworthstag14)

“Mansfield Town FC, knowing what to do when it matters – smile, relax and enjoy!”


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