Playing mind games?

First things first, welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy it.

Well, what a year 2008 was for Mansfield Town fans – four managers, a takeover, and then going from taking on Middlesbrough in front of TV millions to playing the likes of Grays Athletic and Salisbury in front of barely 1,000 people.

Upset and uproar takes us into 2009 under yet another manager in David Holdsworth –– already causing a slight stir at Field Mill before a team of his has even kicked a ball. He has put in place a structure that consists of a nutritionist , psychologist and performance analysts –– steady on Dave, we’re a Blue Square team! He has made some decent signings (at the time of writing) including Curtis Woodhouse –– certain to add some fight to a midfield that has lacked that final punch in the past few seasons (OK, that’s enough boxing jokes). David has also brought in experienced goalkeeper Alan Marriott –– who Stags fans have wanted for years –– plus Scott Garner, Louis Briscoe and the well-travelled striker Rob Duffy.

David has had about two weeks locked with the squad, building friendships and gaining trust –– imprinting the way he wants to play football. Saturday’s clash with Altrincham should have been the big day where we got to see the effort and hopefully ‘winning mentality’ which will take us higher. Now we will have to wait until Crawley this Saturday. Of course the Stags have also missed two games already this year because of the FA Cup, though in the long run this should give us the advantage over the teams surrounding us when we come to play the games.

When David was appointed manager I have to admit I wasn’t convinced –– until I heard he had brought in a psychologist. Psychology plays a big part in football, as players need individual motivation and I am glad there is someone at the club qualified to deal with whatever problems the players might have.

I think we should do our best to create a club motto like Liverpool’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone” –– get a saying pumping through the body and mind of players and supporters alike. As the “Let’s kick racism out of football” slogan says, “One game, one community.” We need to unite and get this club back in the right direction.

When I was asked to do this blog I sat and thought about what to write and what would be relevant, but I just want to be myself and express my views with an open mind, I want to help bring the squad and supporters together, I want us to win, not hold out for the draw. The only way you win the FA Cup is by winning every game, so why cant Mansfield Town win, why can’t we have a dream and make it come true together?

The last few years have been negative, but I believe 2009 will be the year we create a positive energy for Mansfield Town, and I want your help, and I want the squad’s help. Just remember we’re in this together –– the players have a job to do, play football for our entertainment.

We watch Mansfield for success and relaxation. I don’t care if we don’t have players who can perform top class tricks, I want players to show us why we support this team –– passion and pride, commitment and confidence. How many people do you see wearing any Stags colours around town? Maybe four a week –– if Mansfield Town was a success would that number change? Of course it would.

David Holdsworth will certainly try and install a mentality into the squad, let’s get a winning and positive mentality in the stand let’s join together and play mind games –– in other words, let’s be united by football.

If anyone at the club reads this I would like to know what they think of my idea of creating a slogan and getting something set up. I would like to know what the “Three Musketeers” think and I’d also like to know what you –– the heart of this great football club, the supporters, think. Finish this sentence with something inspirational and see what develops:

“Mansfield Town Football Club _____________________________”

Can you imagine being a player walking down the tunnel and seeing a slogan written in front of them, something that can inspire them to win the game, something which would inspire us to be proud of the club. Mansfield Town Football Club –– together we are one?


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8 Responses to “Playing mind games?”

  1. dot Says:

    ‘WE BELIEVE’ . . . that’s my slogan Craig

  2. John Says:

    Win Mansfield Win, that’s my slogan, also a very good blog

  3. scott Says:

    mansfield town- the club where dreams come true

    great blog mate

  4. scott Says:

    or how about

    mansfield town- onwards on one

  5. scott Says:

    that should read onwards as one

  6. Derek Truswell Says:

    Mansfield Town … simply the best !

  7. Bigfoot Says:

    With the Three Musketeers in charge, what else could our slogan possibly be apart from “Mansfield Town Football Club – all for one, and one for all!”

  8. BUX46 Says:

    “Mansfield Town Football Club


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